How many light changes have you sat through at this intersection? (POLL)

Ridgefield drivers once again found themselves waiting in long lines of traffic on Danbury Road Friday afternoon. Only this time it had nothing to do with the state's bridge construction project in front of the Fox Hill condominiums

The culprit? A faulty crosswalk light at the intersection of Danbury Road and Farmingville Road that kept being triggered, even if nobody was waiting to cross the street.

The broken traffic light allowed about five to six cars to pass through the intersection at a time, backing up traffic as far as the Mobil station on the southern end of Danbury Road.

Ridgefield police have reported the problem to the state's Department of Transportation.

"They’re going to come out and fix it," said Maj. Stephen Brown.

The major added that one of the department's officer discovered the problem while out on patrol.

Trying to assess just how bad the traffic was on one of the town's major corridors today, The Press would like readers to answer the following question: How many light changes did you have to sit through at this intersection?

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