Houston puppies find seven new homes

The seven shepherd-mix puppies that were displaced by Hurricane Harvey and brought to Ridgefield at the end of September have all found homes thanks to ROAR animal shelter.

“I'm happy to report that all 7 puppies have been adopted and are in their new homes,” said Dan Rankowitz, ROAR’s adoption coordinator Oct. 11.

The puppies were born in Houston in July and spent several weeks in Mississippi after their originals owners left them at Southern Cross Animal Rescue.

Mazi, the lone female of the litter, was the last to be adopted.

“She had many interested adopters mostly because she was the only female in the litter to choose from,” Rankowitz said.

All seven dogs went to separate homes, he added. Some in Ridgefield; some in neighboring towns.

While apart from one another for now for the first time in their lives, the brothers and sisters could be reunited together when they’re older.

“A reunion is something we would love to do if the adopters would like to, but would be something we arrange in about a year,” Rankowitz said.