Horses on Manor Road may soon be gone

Neighbors on Manor Road and Lewis Drive might be getting a solution to their horse problem.

After a month of listening to complaints about the welfare of the animals and their smell, the Board of Selectmen has agreed to draft an ordinance that will put an end to the matter.

The three horses in question belong to tenants on Manor Road, and are being kept without shelter on a 1.2-acre property, which includes a driveway and a pool.

Ridgefield livestock zoning laws are broad — written in such a way that three horses may legally be kept in a residential area on land that is less than half an acre, while grouping horses and chickens in the same category.

But that is soon coming to an end.

The board has begun the drafting process, and expects a public hearing to occur sometime in May.

At its April 5 meeting, several selectmen noted that Ridgefield has historically been a horse-friendly town and they don’t want that to change.

Hooved friends shall remain welcome, the selectmen agreed, but with some stipulations to ensure their proper care — and the enjoyment of residential communities.