Home Bible study expands to library

Editor's note: This is not a Library sponsored program.

In 1989, Priscilla Black of Ridgefield sat at her dining room table and had the first of many Home Bible Study events with her two, then young, children, Duane and Cher-Renee.

“It was because of their personal spiritual relationship with God and individual spiritual growth, and the fact that we lived almost an hour away from the church we were attending at that time that moved me to begin teaching biblical principles and doctrine to them,” said Black.

Some 28 years later,  Black continues to offer Bible study opportunities at her home.

Beginning in January, the Home Bible Study Group of Ridgefield will offer a monthly group study at the Ridgefield Library. The first Thursdays of each month will find Black and anyone seeking or having an interest in studying the Bible in a perfect setting, a study room, on the second floor of the library.

“It is time now to be more visible in the community and let them know that we are available to help walk them through any study of the Bible,” Black said.

The MidDay Home Bible Study Group of Ridgefield will be be held at the Ridgefield Library, room 213, on the first Thursday of the month beginning Jan. 4. Journey Through the Bible will be from 12:30 to 1:30 and the Book by Book Studies, Chapter by Chapter Studies, Topical Studies and Q&A sessions will be held from 3 to 4:30.

For more information about the MidDay Home Bible Study Group of Ridgefield, contact Priscilla Black at 203-431-9768 or pblack35@comcast.net, using as a subject MidDay HBS.