Herzog to receive Hall of Fame induction at White Plains High School

Greg Herzog
Greg Herzog

Ridgefield resident Greg Herzog will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame at White Plains High School Friday, Nov. 2.

Herzog was a sub four-minute miler that has held his high school record for almost 40 years and the Loucks Meet record for 35 years. He’s also on the top ten all time list at Auburn University and University of Maryland.

In 2005, Fortune Magazine documented the four-minute mile as the greatest athletic achievement.

Four hundred and twenty Americans and 1,303 athletes in the world have broken the four-minute mark since Sir Roger Bannister's historic run 60 years ago on May 6 1954. It was also recently reported that more people have climbed Mount Everest than have run a sub-four minute miler. Some of the past inductees into the Hall Of Fame at White Plains High School  have included NFL Hall of Famer Art Monk of the Washington Redskins, Olympic Gold Medalist Larry James, NFL’s Dallas Cowboys Jay Saldi and Head of US Track and Field Craig Masback.