Helping Our Heroes: Library program for first responders, veterans to be held Sept. 25

Helping Our Heroes is panel discussion about improving the well-being of first responders and veterans that will be held at the Ridgefield Library on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. This program is aimed at police, firefighters, EMS personnel, 911 dispatchers, active military and veterans and the family, friends, and therapists who care about them.

The panel is comprised of Dr. Stacy Raymond, clinical psychologist, who will identify critical signs of symptoms of post-traumatic stress and other stressors and discuss recommended treatments; Chief Gary MacNamara, Fairfield CT Police Chief and Chair of the Officer Wellness Committee for the CT Police Chiefs Association, who will share his concerns about well-being as it pertains to law enforcement; and Captain Jacques Roy, Stamford, CT firefighter, who will discuss how he copes with the traumatic experiences he has experienced as a firefighter.

This program is part of the Noreen L. Papa – Mothers: Live Your Life series. Please register at or call 203-438-2282.