Helping Harvey’s victims: EZ Moving, Rossini Landscaping leaving for Houston Friday

Ridgefielders Pete Rossini and Ezra Zimmerman are planning a trip to Texas this weekend to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

Zimmerman spoke to The Press Monday, Aug. 28, and said he hopes to bring $10,000 worth of food and water to the Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center in Houston.

He will be making the journey with Rossini, of Rossini Landscaping, and former resident Greg Wandschneider. 

"I saw the level of devastation on the news, and I realized I was sitting here unaffected in my house in Ridgefield," said Zimmerman, who owns of EZ Moving and EZ Junk Removal. "I just kept thinking, 'They’re suffering and fighting for their lives right now.'

"I called Pete and said, 'We need to do something about this,' and he agreed that we need to take this into our own hands and deal with it ourselves."

The plan is pretty simple: Fly to Texas Friday night, rent a 26-foot box truck Saturday morning, load it up with $10,000 worth of food and water, and bring it to the hurricane shelter.

"We hope to get enough people to donate to the cause that we buy up to $10,000 worth of suppliers, if not more" Zimmerman said.

He plans to put down $1,500 himself. Ditto for Rossini and Wandschneider. 

"We’re going get what we can down there, and cover the difference," Zimmerman said.

"If we get more than $10,000, then I'll stay out there all night loading up and going back to the shelter."

Zimmerman said that big box truck can fit 12-14 pallets of food per truck load.

"You can fit 100 units and containers of food and water on each pallet," he estimated.

"That’s a lot of nourishment."

While the plans came together quickly after work Monday night, Zimmerman is already organized with a GoFundMe page.

You can make a donation by clicking this link here or copy and pasting the following into your Internet browser:

"It's predicted to be raining until Friday so we hope it will dissipate by this weekend," Zimmerman said.

"I want to do what I can to make a difference."

Call 203-980-5751 for any more information.

Besides the GoFundMe page, you can mail a check to Zimmerman at 25 Olmstead Lane, Ridgefield, CT, 06877

Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center is located at 4014 Market St, Houston, TX, 77020.