Experienced deputy fire marshal Guy Miglinas has been name Ridgefield’s new fire marshal. He succeeds Mickey Grasso, who was promoted earlier this year from fire marshal to assistant chief.

Both Grasso and Fire Chief Jerry Myers joined Miglinas at the Sept. 26 Board of Selectmen’s meeting, endorsing his appointment.

Myers said Miglinas is one of the firefighters who has been working as a deputy fire marshal.

“He is the most active of the deputies in terms of hours worked and buildings inspected,” Chief Myers said.

“How long have you been doing it?” Selectwoman Maureen Kozlark asked.

“Five years now,” said Miglinas. “It’s business as usual.”

The fire marshal’s office is in the process of updating its whole approach.

“We’re migrating to the new software,” Chief Myers said.

“It’s just taking time,” said Miglinas. “It’s hard to start off when you don’t have a base. We’re in the process of getting a base.”

Town Assessor Al Garzi is providing information as the department works to create an electronic inventory of all the commercial buildings. Fire marshal inspections are also required in all multi-family housing with three or more units, so those also have to be part of the database.

There’s a lot of inspecting to do. And there’s more to fire inspections than knowing the laws and showing up to look around.

“You do look into the past and see there’s the same problem every year,” Miglinas said. “Is this a business where they just don’t comply with things?”

Businesses — storefronts, offices — regularly get new tenants, and people often don’t know the fire code, or what their workplace’s shortcomings are.

“Our biggest problem,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said, “is with the 800-square-foot to 1,100-square-foot rentals. All of a sudden they’re told it doesn’t comply, and it’s going to cost so much.”

How often are buildings inspected?

“Ideally, you want to get everything every year,” Miglinas told the selectmen. “... My goal is to hit it all.”

“Good luck, you’re going to be flying,” said Selectman Steve Zemo.

Miglinas’ appointment as fire marshal was approved 4-to-0 on a motion made by Bob Hebert and seconded by Maureen Kozlark. Selectwoman Barbara Manners was not in attendance.

“It’s great to be able to promote more from within,” said Hebert.