Greg Herzog: Remembering Sandy Hook through art

With Newtown being so geographically close, many people have or feel a personal connection toward the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

After the tragedy, many people attended services, sent cards and flowers, and offered help to all the victim's families to show their support.

One way that people were able to cope was through art; at least that was the case for Ridgefield resident Greg Herzog.

Herzog created a painting that represented Emilie Parker, who was among the many that lost their lives, through color.

After determining the quantum reaction theory, using a geometric mathematical equation of his own, Herzog created a color-coding DNA key that was specific to Emilie Parker’s DNA.

He then used this DNA key to create a painting that represented who she was as a person with color.

After watching a 60 Minutes news segment on Sandy Hook, Herzog was moved by the program that kids now continue called The Sandy Hook Promise.

In this program, students always make sure no one eats lunch by themselves or they always say hello to others in the hallway.

“I think that needs to be said, and wow if you can say it with an image and with a painting and with a direct connection to something maybe you can change one life, maybe you can get someone to think about reaching out to other people,” Herzog said.

‘Not for sale’

Herzog, who owns a personal training business in town, originally painted this creation to pass his condolences in the best way he knew how — through art.

The painting still remains at another family’s house in New Canaan but the Parker family has seen it.

“The painting is not for sale; it was a way for them to heal, and what a nice way for Emilie parker to be remember and what a nice way for Sandy Hook to be remembered to put a face and to put a painting out there,” Herzog said.