Girl Scouts receive poop bag donation from BioPet Laboratories

Who needs 8,000 plastic bags? The dog poop troop.

Girl Scouts Karina Rao, Sophia Daigle and Jax Mantione of Troop 50784 clean and restock pet waste stations they put along the rail trail last fall.

Now they’ve gotten a donation of 8,000 waste bags from BioPet Laboratories. The Tennessee-based company learned from The Press’s website that the girls raised $900 for the project.

“The bags have been delivered to us and we are using them to restock all of the stations,” said Karina. “Five stands have been installed on the Ridgefield Rail Trail fully stocked with waste bags and disposal containers. The three of us are cleaning and restocking them weekly. … For now, our only jobs are to keep the stations clean and useful.”

An “animal genetics” firm, BioPet Laboratories has businesses ranging from the “canine paternity industry” to “PooPrints … an effective pet waste management program, matching unscooped waste to the canine offender through DNA.”