French exam students recognized

In March over 75,000 students across the country took the Grand Concours in French. This national exam tests students listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills in French. Many Ridgefield High School students scored among the best in the state and have received commendations for their excellence.

Gold medal winners: Level II; Questin McQuilkin and Ryan Pratt. Level IV; Maia Clarkin. Level V; Karena Landler.

Silver medal winners: Level I, Aakanksha Koppisetti. Level II, Caroline Malley, Allison Donnelly, Claire Filaski, Shane Jaeger, Jeannette Kim, Lily Meyler, Samuel McDonough, Chelsea Schwartz, Audrey Forster, Grace Goldberg, Christopher Knachel, Taylor MacDonald. Level III; Renee Cauchon, Caroline Whelan, Hannah Ehrlinspiel, Kasey McGerald. Level IV, Callie McQuilkin. Level V, Alexander Burns.

Bronze medals: Level II; Todd Benson, David Brodsky, Carolyn Donovan, Tyler Hadar, William Hooker, Melanie Kardos, Makana Meier, Charlie Mueller, Jack Rahlfs, Ajeya Sathyagal, Chiara Signorelli, Amelia Hadar, Leena Vieltojarvi. Level III; Molly Egan, Tarini Krishna, Sophia Haber, Caitlin Inall, James St. Pierre. Level IV; Blythe Filaski, Thomas Vilinskis. Level V; Maeve Colarusso, Madeline Kutler.

In addition to these medal winners, numerous Ridgefield students were also recognized by the American Association of Teachers of French with a certificate of honorable mention.