Finance board members re-elect Ulmer, Mancini

Quickly and unanimously, the Board of Finance re-elected Dave Ulmer as chairman and Jessica Mancini as vice chair Tuesday night, Jan. 16.

“Somebody’s got to do it,” Ulmer joked after the meeting.

“It’s fun when people want you back,” he added. “It’s more important that we do the work — all of us.”

Both Ulmer and Mancini are Democrats, as are four of the finance board’s five members.

Ulmer was nominated by Amy Maccartney Freidenrich and seconded by Sean Connelly, with Vice Chair Mancini running the meeting during the election of a new chair.

“I think this board really is cohesive because of you, Dave,” Mancini said. “We’re really happy you’re here.”

Dick Moccia, the board’s only Republican and a newcomer elected last November, said he’d been impressed with Ulmer’s work the short time he’s been on the board and would support the nomination “in a bipartisan move lacking in Washington.”

Ulmer has served on the finance board for 15 years — since 2003. He’s been chairman since 2012.

With Ulmer back running the meeting, Mancini was unanimously re-elected vice chair on a motion by Freidenrich and a second by Connelly.

“We’re glad to have you back, too,” said Ulmer.