Enrollment: More students than projected on first day of school

While enrollment numbers continue to decrease throughout the public school district, the first day of classes brought some welcome news: the number of students in Ridgefield hallways to start the year was four more than projected.

“We have lost 167 students,” said Fran Walton, chairwoman of the Board of Education. “When people hear that we’ve gained students — what that really means is that we’re holding students.”

Walton said she hoped that the first day numbers indicate the district is nearing “the bottom of the trough” in terms of lost enrollment.

Superintendent Karen Baldwin told the board last week that the first-day enrollment for the district was 4,927 students.

Board member Doug Silver said that the district’s class sizes at schools were “enviable,” as a result of the enrollment decline.

“I was really pleased to see this,” Silver said. “I think this is a great first step for the year.”