Encampment Place family finds shelter after fire thanks to developer Steve Zemo

The family displaced from their home on Encampment Place after a fire Thursday night has accepted an offer from Steve Zemo, a local developer and member of the town’s Board of Selectmen, to rent an apartment for free.

“We’re doing this pro-bono until they can catch their breath, and figure out the insurance,” Zemo told The Press Friday afternoon.

He’s helped out families put in a bind by natural disasters before — including during Hurricane Sandy, Zemo said.

He set the family up in a three-bedroom/two-bath apartment that’s fully furnished and wired for cable and internet, since much of the Coury family’s furniture and belongings were damaged in the fire.

Albert Cabral, a cleaning and disaster specialist who inspected the damage to the Coury house Friday morning, suggested the damage could take six months to 10 months to fully repair.

Asked how the kids are coping with the fire, Laura Coury said they were a little sad.

“My six year-old is missing his stuffed animals,” she said.