Electrical fire on Scodon Drive leaves burn, smoke damage


A residential fire on Scodon Drive left nobody harmed Wednesday afternoon, but according to police on scene there was some leftover burn and smoke damage.

Fire Chief Jerry Myers told The Press Thursday April 5, that the fire originated in the master bedroom's bathroom on the second floor. Because residents closed all doors before exiting, the fire was contained to the bathroom only.

The town's fire marshal has not yet released the cause of the blaze yet, but a police on scene said it was an electrical fire.

“There was an electric appliance in the area,” said the chief, “but, which came first the chicken or the egg is something that the fire marshall will have to determine.”

There were reports of heavy smoke on the scene.

A Danbury tanker was called but the situation was quickly deemed a "non emergency" by Ridgefield crews at the scene.

"The house was closed up so there was not really a lot of smoke showing from outside the house when we got there. Originally the guys were little deceived,"  said Chief Myers.

"But, when they opened the front door and got inside saw a lot of smoke."

He also said that the homeowner realized something was amiss, not because of heat or smoke, but because of water leaking in the basement.

"She heard water flowing in the basement and she found a leaking pipe," said Myers, "Then when she went up the stairs and saw all the smoke." 

But, he says this development actually helped control the fire. The pipe connecting water from the sink to the basement heated up enough that the it melted, severing the connection.

It took the fire department about fifteen minutes to get the fire under control.