Educators recognize top students with CABE, WCSA awards

High school and middle school students were awarded for their community service, academic prowess, and leadership service with two awards — the Western Connecticut Superintendents Association (WCSA) awards and the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) awards — at the May 22 Board of Education meeting.

Superintendent Karen Baldwin presented WCSA awards to two students from each middle school and two from the high school.

The recipients were Stephanie Zacharakos and Guillermo Bichara Guzman from East Ridge Middle School, Emily Zagorec and Nicholas Rutigliano from Scotts Ridge Middle School, and Colleen Keenan and Joshua Verdejo from Ridgefield High School.

Chairman Frances Walton presented the CABE awards, designed to recognize student achievement and potential.

The recipients were Kathryn Bucci and Brian Thomas Keaveny from East Ridge Middle School, Serena Stein and Michael Kovacs from Scotts Ridge Middle School, and Lauren Chakraborty and Nicholas Patterson from Ridgefield High School.