East Ridge to raise money for sister school in Zambia

Periods end sentences. They shouldn’t end girls education.

East Ridge Middle School students will keep that goal in mind when they host a fundraiser for their sister school, the Mukwashi Trust School in Lusaka, Zambia, next weekend.

The students will host a screening of the movie “Girl Rising” at Bethel Cinema Saturday, May 12, at 10 a.m. The movie shares the journey of nine young women from around the world and their journey to achieve an education.

Tickets are $11 and all money collected will go directly to building a sanitation block at the Mukwashi school that will bring new freshwater resources to campus, and supplement sanitation supplies for female students.

“New sanitation infrastructure is essential to our female students,” the school said in a press release. “Access to these facilities will allow them to manage their health needs on campus. Without these improvements, girls will be forced to miss school.”

Currently, only six out of 10 girls are able to complete their education at Mukwashi school.

The goal is to raise $60,000 to complete the project.

If residents are unable to attend and would like to make a donation, visit the Bridges of Peace and Hope website at bridgesofpeaceandhope.info. It is a 501c3 non-profit that coordinates with schools to advance the Mukwashi initiatives.