Eagle Scouts ask to wear cords at RHS graduation

Ridgefield Boy Scouts turned out at Monday night’s school board meeting to protest the high school’s decision to not allow Eagle Scouts to wear their ceremonial blue and white cords with their high school cap and gown.

“I really think this is something that we should honor,” said Don Romoser, of Troop 116, who spoke to the board dressed in his troop master uniform. At one point he held up one of the ceremonial Eagle Scout cords — a blue-and-white rope a few feet in length — to show the board what the scouts were discussing.

Romoser said the scouts were learning to follow the right procedure by being there that night, after first having asked the school administration to allow them to wear their cords.

“First you go to the administration, then the board, before taking it public — which is what we’re doing tonight,” he said.

Five members of the troop appeared at the meeting wearing their Boy Scouts of America uniforms.

Alden Burns, a senior and one of the students in uniform, said wearing his cords at graduation “wouldn’t be disruptive.”

“We’re just asking you to let us wear something that means a whole lot to us,” Burns told the board.

The board did not respond to any of the public comments — board Chairwoman Fran Walton noted at the beginning of the public comment period that the board’s policy prevents them from making any direct response.

The cords and graduation attire did not come up in any later board discussion. No decision was made as of press time Wednesday.