Eagle Scout helps build new gaga pit at Branchville

Students at Branchville Elementary School have a new way to play this year: a brand-new gaga pit on the school’s playground, which was conceptualized and built by 14-year-old Ridgefield Eagle Scout Spencer Carlson. Spencer is a Scout with Troop 76, and made the decision to build a gaga pit for a local school or children’s center for his 2016 Eagle Scout service project. Meanwhile, the Branchville PTA had begun research on building a pit on school grounds, and when Spencer heard, the two joined forces to make the new gaga pit a reality.

Gaga ball, which is believed to have originated in Israel, is a game for children of any agility level or athletic ability. The gaga pit at Branchville Elementary School was made with environmentally friendly composite wood, meaning there are no chemically treated parts, and no splinters. With the support of Principal Keith Margolus and the Branchville PTA, which donated the funds used to purchase materials, Spencer led a group of 27 volunteers to help make the gaga pit a reality for the elementary students in just five months.