ERMS celebrates Pi Day

School cancellations and blustery weather did not stop East Ridge Middle School’s seventh grade students from celebrating Pi Day last week.

While the belated celebration took place on March 16 — instead of the traditional March 14 (3.14), the fun and excitement was not lost.

Students in math teacher Marla Kay’s classes began the day learning that the most famous irrational number (a number that never ends or repeats) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Students were later able to prove this by measuring many different size circles and calculating their ratios. Whether it was a small bottle cap or a large tire that was measured, the ratio was always the same. Students also learned that Pi Day is Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Students were invited to participate in the premier event: the Pi Digits Recitation Contest. Students had been given a list of some of the digits of pi and were challenged to learn as many of them as possible. Students competed in each of their classes; the winner in each class then participated in the final competition at the end of the school day.

Before the final competition, the students and team teachers gathered in the school cafeteria and enjoyed pie and other delicious refreshments.

The class champions were Sophie Desmarais, Lexi Dunn, Alex Mandelker, and Sarah Rapaglia. Each student took his or her turn in front of peers and recited as many digits of pi as possible. When the competition was over, Sophie Desmarais was announced 2017 grand champion — taking home the grand prize, a free pizza from Planet Pizza.

Not only did Sophie recite the most digits, she also she broke the previous record, set in 2009, of 174 digits, by reciting an astounding 224 digits of pi!