Discovery Center hosts Living with Bears program Thursday

The Discovery Center at Ridgefield is hosting a Living with Bears program that is open to the public on Thursday, Oct. 19, starting at 7 p.m. in the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation Center. Participants will learn about these creatures, and how to successfully and peacefully live with them in our own back yards. They will learn information about the black bears living in our area and have an opportunity to feel their thick fur.

Donna Roscoe, a longtime Discovery Center board member and former River Study coordinator who is now a New Hampshire Fish and Game (NHFG) wildlife steward and docent, will deliver a keynote presentation.

The program is based on NHFG’s educational presentation on bears, with additional Connecticut distinctions. It includes the results of NHFG studies on bear management.

All ages are welcome. The program is free, but donations are always welcome. Registration is required. Visit the Discovery Center website to register,, or call 203-438-1063. The program is co-sponsored by Ridgefield Parks and Recreation.