Dick Cavett, Martha Rogers buy West Mountain mansion

Keep an ear out for extraordinary talk in a memorable voice.

Legendary conversationalist, comedian and TV talk show host Dick Cavett and his wife, author and management consultant Martha Rogers, might well be seen around town.

Town Hall records show that Sunset Hall — the 1912 mansion on Old West Mountain Road — was sold on July 12 to The Richard A. Cavett Trust and the Martha Rogers Trust.

Sunset Hall has 10 bedrooms, a marble-floor ballroom, and gorgeous views of the New York skyline. It sits on seven acres with a guest house, heated pool and tennis courts. The property sold for $3,318,181, according to the property transfer on file in the town clerk’s office.

It’s a house where magician Harry Houdini was once a regular visitor, where the late actor

Robert Vaughn lived for many years and, most recently, where a rehabilitation facility proposal was withdrawn in the face of organized neighborhood opposition.

Cavett hosted various incarnations of his renowned television program The Dick Cavett Show from 1968 through 2007, on different networks in various time slots. Guests on his shows ranged from comedians Groucho Marx and Woody Allen to actors like Katharine Hepburn, Richard Burton and Marlon Brando, to musicians John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, and boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. In addition to his TV work he has written or co-authored four books, appeared in movies, and has blogged for The New York Times.

Cavett has been in the news some lately for putting Tick Hall, his home of 50 years in Montauk, Long Island, on the market. An online story from CBS News reported July 30 that the seaside home, originally designed by Stanford White in the 1880s as one of seven Long Island beach cottages, was for sale on 20 acres with a reported asking price of $62 million. The original White-designed Tick Hall burned to the ground in 1997, but it was rebuilt exactly as it had looked by Cavett and his first wife, the late actress Carrie Nye, who died in 2006.

In 2010 he married Martha Rogers, a founder of the business consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group — which has offices in Stamford, as well in Denver, London, Brussels, Istanbul, Dubai and Sydney.

Neither Cavett and Rogers responded to requests for comment on their acquisition of Sunset Hall.