Diamond in the Rough scholarship available for high school seniors

A $500 Diamond in the Rough scholarship celebrating a “funny, adventurous, unpretentious” 1975 Ridgefield graduate, the late Anne Sheehan Doughty, is being offered by her family to a Ridgefield High School senior.

Scholarship applications are available at the RHS counseling center.

The scholarship form tells the story of a native Ridgefielder who pursued a varied career — darkroom technician, chef — before returning to school and finding her calling as an occupational therapist who used her creativity and spirit of fun to brighten the lives of patients battling dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“We believe that RHS may hold some people like Anne, maybe not ‘A’ students, but with something of their own to contribute,” reads the family’s invitation to apply for the scholarship, now in its third year.

The scholarship will be presented at the RHS senior awards night.