Defending Trump: LaRouche advocates set up at Post Office

“Defend Trump from the Coup!” “Donald Can’t Do It Alone.” “Trump Wants Peace: How About You?” “China, Russia and the United States Can End War.” “Build the World Landbridge!”

Signs and slogans proclaim the pro-Trump, anti-establishment stance of two men who set up a desk in the grass in front of the Ridgefield Post Office parking lot on Thursday, July 20, talking politics to whoever would stop to listen.

“We’re trying to protect Trump from the coup, and we’re calling for Glass-Steagall,” said John Scialdone of Hackensack, N.J.

Glass-Steagall legislation includes up to four bills passed in the Depression era, including the U.S. Banking Act of 1933, mandating the separation of commercial banks and investment banking operations.

Many of the signs stated their affiliation with LaRouche PAC, a fund-raising entity of many-time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

“He ran like eight times,” Scialdone said of LaRouche. “He’s the guy who made President Reagan’s defense program, the SDI.

“It’s a similar thing,” he said, “President Reagan wasn’t the establishment choice, and President Trump isn’t the establishment choice.“

Another sign proclaimed: “Enact LaRouche’s four laws to save the USA now! 1. Restore Glass-Steagall. 2. Hamiltonian National Bank. 3. High productivity employment. 4. Crash program on fusion power.”

But Scialdone and his co-worker, who declined to give his name to The Press, were talking a lot about President Trump and what they see as his commitment to world peace.

“The idea, like he (Trump) said, is to work with Russia to crush ISIS,” Scialdone said. “Work with the major powers to bring the world away from war.”

He added,  “The main problem is the collapse of the global economy. War makes a lot of money.”

And he advocated peaceful alternatives for the U.S. to pursue economic growth.

“We can make a lot of money building high speed trains and reviving the space program — a real mission for the space program,” Scialdone said.

He also saw benefits to cooperating with China on its’ New Silk Road initiative, creating transportation and economic links between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

“If the U.S. was to join the effort building the New Silk Road, we would come back,” Scialdone said. “When President Trump met with Xi Jinping, China offered to take a quarter trillion of their U.S. Treasury holdings and convert it into a infrastructure investment fund for the U.S.”

The LaRouche advocates said they’d likely only be in Ridgefield one day.

“We’re trying to hit different municipalities in the tri-state area,” said Scialdone.

They trust in direct engagement of fellow citizens — like talking to people in front of the post office.

“What’s in the news is just sowing pessimism,” Scialdone said, “obstructing a new government to build something new.”