Dead beavers? No, just dirt clumps

Clumps of dirt or dead beavers — what was floating in Fox Hill Lake on the side of Limestone Road last week?

A woman on Facebook claimed Feb. 1 to have seen several dead beavers floating near the beaver lodge off Limestone Road.

Inland wetlands agent and conservation enforcement officer Beth Peyser inspected the area that afternoon and told The Press that unless a snapping turtle or another hungry animal ate the beaver corpses, it is likely that what the concerned resident saw was something much less sinister.

“All I’m sure of is that there were no dead beavers, and I was just out there,” she said.

Peyser said that what was seen could have been the roots of lily pads that float to the surface when they die.

“It’s possible the person could have mistaken them for dead beavers because of the coloration,” she said.

The woman has since removed her Facebook post.