David Pierandri weds Cassandra Ratti

David Pierandri, son of John and Mary Pierandri of Ridgefield, married Cassandra Ratti, daughter of Rear Adm. Steven and Pamela George Ratti of St. James, N.C., on Aug. 26. The evening ceremony and reception were held overlooking the James River at the Upper Shirley Vineyards just outside Richmond, Va. The bride and groom exchanged vows they had written to each other and the officiate told their story and provided them with some personal thoughts they had shared about one another.

Jacqueline Nova was the maid of honor with Juli Pierandri, Gabrielle Devaud, Courtney Woodburn, and Shantelle Valdez as bridesmaids. The sixth bridesmaid, Monica Dambach, was unable to attend, as she and her husband were awaiting the birth of their first child.

Michael Pierandri was the best man, with Matthew Walsh,  Lt. Andrew Ratti, Matthew Aaronson, Alex White, and Kellen Quigley as groomsmen. Sam Moll and Scott Hoffman served as ushers. Elaine Kelemen, David’s aunt, and Frank Sturm, Cassandra’s uncle, both did readings.

David and Cassandra both graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2010 — David with a bachelor of arts degree in international affairs and Cassandra with a bachelor of arts degree in geography. They went on to work in the office of admissions at UMW.

After a two-week tour of Italy, they returned home to Richmond, where David works at Royall Company as a strategic leader and Cassandra works at Sigma Phi Epsilon as an executive assistant.

Guests came from all four corners of the country and were treated to a reunion of David’s band, Melee in Toledo. David, Matt Aaronson, Alex White, and Kellen Quigley took the stage starting with The Boys are Back in Town and followed with a set of their original songs.