Dapper Den collecting suits for vets this week

The Dapper Den will be collecting gently used men’s and women’s suits to be donated to armed forces veterans. The drive runs now through Nov. 11. All suits may be dropped off at the Dapper Den barbershop at 433 Main Street.

Dapper Den is also collecting men’s and women’s business attire, such as blazers, coats, tops, dress pants, ties, ladies handbags, and dresses.

The Den will also take casual clothing articles that are clean, or in new condition with tags.

“I’ve had it set up since Saturday, and we’ve had a good turnout, but obviously we’d like to see more,” said head barber Jared Gelbert. He added that people had even taken to shipping suits to the barbershop for donation.

All suits will be donated through Save-A-Suit, a nonprofit organization that provides veterans with “professional business attire, and the confidence needed to succeed.”

Those who would like to make a monetary donation in lieu of donating a suit may mail a check to

Save-A-Suit, 137 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel CT 06801. Online donations may be made at


Donating a suit at the Dapper Den will grant the donor a 10%-off coupon for a “Dapper Den experience” with Detective Jorge Romero, an Army veteran.