Cord blood educator assists naval family

Marion Welch of Nursery Road recently delivered a Cryo-Cell cord blood collection kit to a naval family on the sub base in Groton, making it within hours of the birth of the baby.

Welch has been assisting families for more than 15 years in preserving their baby’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. For Welch, one of the most gratifying aspects of her outreach comes from assisting active and inactive military families who want to preserve stem cells as biological insurance for their family.

While at the base, she was invited to take a tour of the retired Nautilus submarine housed in Groton and to learn more about the naval base and its history. Through her Operation Shower she is talking to military families about the option to store a baby’s stem cells.

When Welch started talking about stem cell banking in the late 1990s, there were 30 approved indications approved by the FDA. Today there are 80.

For more information on the military program or on stem cell preservation, email