College fair set for Oct. 10 in Wilton

As part of the College Fair Partnership, Ridgefield High School will co-host one of the largest College Fairs in Connecticut in concert with Wilton High School on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

The doors of Wilton High School Field House at 395 Danbury Road will open from 7 to 9 p.m. to admit area high school students and families.

College representatives from approximately 300 colleges, universities, technical schools and military service academies will be available to talk to prospective students and their parents. Students will be meeting some of the area representatives who will be involved in making decisions on their college applications.

Freshman and sophomore students are also welcome to attend if they want to get an early start.

"We strongly encourage juniors and seniors to attend the College Fair," said RHS counselor Scott Robert. "Colleges tell us they want students who are informed about their resources and offerings, and enthusiastic about attending their particular school. The college fair is an opportunity for students to learn about schools, make a contact, demonstrate interest and begin to build a relationship with prospective schools.

"College reps have given Ridgefield positive feedback about the College Fair Partnership initiative," he added. "Families describe the fair as student-friendly, as exhibits are designed to appeal to them. The fair is structured to allow students to visit schools' exhibits independently, and ask questions directly. It is a virtual cornucopia of colleges under one roof, and introduces the wealth and diversity of educational opportunities available to students."

The Ridgefield High School counselors also attend the College Fair and will be available to their students.

This is the eighteenth consecutive year that Ridgefield High School has co-hosted a College Fair with Wilton High School.

To accommodate Ridgefield parents and students who want to attend the College Fair, Ridgefield High School is providing a shuttle bus from Branchville Elementary School to Wilton High School beginning at 6:30 p.m. We encourage using the shuttle bus since there is limited parking available at Wilton High School.