Circle Drive bed and breakfast gets second hearing Wednesday

A second public hearing for the proposed two-bedroom bed-and-breakfast on Circle Drive will take place Wednesday, Nov. 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the lower level conference room in the Town Hall Annex.

The application, which was submitted by Tom and Cathy Savoca this summer, has drawn concern from the couple’s neighbors on Circle Drive and Hobby Drive.

The neighbors believe the Savoca’s side business would bring an increase in traffic and an influx of strangers, and would devalue surrounding homes.

The hearing opened on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Attorney Peter Olson, who represented Rob and Claudia Pacifico of Hobby Drive at the hearing, argued that there would be functionally no difference between the Savocas’ bed-and-breakfast and a hotel, since both businesses advertise their services online.

Rob Pacifico started a neighborhood group in response to the Savocas’ proposal dubbed “The Circle Drive Neighbors Alliance.”

The Savocas said their Circle Drive home would remain their primary residence, and the plans to convert two rooms into a bed-and-breakfast would not affect home values.

“Bad schools, shooting ranges, strip clubs, and homeless shelters impact home values in a negative way — not two-bedroom B&Bs,” Cathy Savoca said.

She called the notion that their proposal would cause traffic disruptions “ridiculous.”

“Frankly,” she said, “our own children generated more traffic than our guests would when they lived with us.”

Planning and Zoning Chairwoman Rebecca Mucchetti said the hearing will open with the Savocas, in case they have anything to add to the application.

The hearing will then be opened to public comments, and will pick up where the hearing left off. As of Oct. 17, there were 37 people signed up to speak who were unable to do so, because of time restrictions.

Mucchetti said additional commenters will have a chance to speak at the Nov. 8 hearing after comments conclude from residents who previously signed up.

The Savocas will have a chance to make closing remarks once public comment is closed.