Chiaramonte to lead Hospice by RVNA

The RVNA has announced that Leslie Chiaramonte has joined the staff as director of the agency’s future service to the community — Hospice by RVNA.  

Chiaramonte will lead a team of specialists certified in hospice and palliative care. A certified trainer for the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium, Chiaramonte will lead her staff through the education and certification process. Hospice by RVNA will provide families with 13 months of bereavement support.

Chiaramonte’s early experiences caring for patients with cancer have given her a unique perspective not only on curative patient care, but also on end-of-life care. She sees hospice – the care of patients in their last stages of a terminal illness – as a natural and potentially beautiful part of the life cycle. Those are not often words associated with dying, but Leslie describes hospice care as a way to bring dignity and compassion to patients and their families during a difficult time. The focus then becomes offering care and comfort for the patient, plus education and support for the family who are helping to provide that care.

“What will set RVNA apart from other hospice providers is that all of our nurses will be certified specialists in the field,” says Chiaramonte. “What’s more, RVNA believes in an interdisciplinary approach, bringing our hospice nurses together with staff physicians and social workers, as well as chaplains in the community to offer complete care.”  

“Hospice care enables a patient to live life to the fullest for as long as he or she lives,” says Chiaramonte.  “RVNA is gratified to be able to expand our services and meet that need in our community.”

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