Charles Robbins appointed to zoning commission

Charles Robbins has filled a Democratic seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission that was left vacant by the resignation of former commissioner Di Masters last month.

He was appointed at the zoning commission’s April 18 meeting.

Under the appointment, he will also serve as a member of the town’s Inland Wetlands Board.

Robbins, who has a master’s degree in city and town planning, told the commission he’s always maintained a strong interest in community development.

“I made the determination, when I had the time and could, I would get involved in the development efforts in Ridgefield — in terms of housing, environment and architecture,” he said.

He has been a resident in town for the past 33 years.

When asked about what he’s observed during his time in Ridgefield, Robbins told the commission the town has changed for the better but that there is room for improvement.

“As a generalization, I think the town today is far improved from what it was 33 years ago,” he said. “Culturally, it offers a lot more things.”

“From a negative perspective, I think that the congestion — whether it may be Main Street or the morning and evening rush — is one of the most serious issues facing the town as it continues to grow,” Robbins said. “And grow it must.”