Boy scouts keep word, pick up trees after Saturday snowstorm

The boy scouts from troop 116 were up at 6 a.m. last Saturday, ready to do their annual tree pick-up during a heavy snowstorm that arrived earlier than forecast.

Scout leaders had to pull their 10 trucks off the road early due to safety concerns.

This left the 60 scouts and adult volunteers with around 300 trees still left to pick up on Sunday.

“That’s the amazing thing about this year,” said parent coordinator Tizzie Mantione. “We’ve never had to put the crews back on the road on Sunday, but we kept to our word.”

More than half of the original volunteers came out for a second day of work, carrying shovels and chains to load snow-covered trees into their rented trucks.

“The residents of the town could not have been more patient, understanding, helpful and thankful,” said Mantione.

“There was one 80 year-old-couple who said a scout even came into their house to help them drag the tree out.”

In spite of all the hurdles, Mantione said the event was positive for all scouts and volunteers. “When we all rally together, and make a big project like this, it makes the kids feel good,” she said.