Board of Selectmen issues vendor permits for hot dog, ice cream trucks

The Chez Lenard hot dog stand and Circusman ice cream truck have gotten their vendor permits renewed by the Board of Selectmen. The one-year permits are good until next May.

“Business is fine, good,” Chez Lenard hot dog stand owner Mike Principi told the selectmen.

Chez Lenard sells “hot dogs with all the trimmings, drinks, chips, candy, and cookies” from the sidewalk on the east side of Main Street.

The board renewed the permit with a little teasing.

“I’m still waiting for that veggie dog,” said Selectwoman Barbara Manners.

“I’m looking into it. You’re not the only one,” Principi replied.

“There is no good veggie dog,” said Selectman Steve Zemo.


Circusman operator Enver Ceylon of Danbury was told he may not park more than 15 minutes in one spot, with the exception of events such as the Ballard Park summer concerts, where he may be in the Ballard Green housing complex near the entrance to the park so long as he remains on pavement, not the grass.

“He cannot go past the gates, the fence. He can park on the asphalt,” said Selectman Bob Hebert, a former chairman of the Hçousing Authority, which operates Ballard Green.

The Circusman operator must also get a permit for each concert from the Parks and Recreation Commission. Permits cost $50 per event. With 25 Tuesday and Thursday evening concerts planned over the summer, that would amount to $1,250 if a vendor worked them all.

Selectwoman Barbara Manners, who puts on the concerts, said the money from permits doesn’t go to her organization, CHIRP (Concert Happenings in Ridgefield Parks).

“That money has always gone to Friends of Ballard Park,” she said.

That’s a non-profit that seeks to care for and improve the park.