Blue Whale Challenge: Parents warned about 'game' that entices suicide

Superintendent Karen Baldwin sent the following notice about the Blue Whale Challenge to Ridgefield parents Wednesday, May 10.

"Dear Ridgefield Public Schools Families and Staff,

"I am writing to share important information with you relative to a “game” on social media that students in other countries were exposed to last year that has recently materialized on computers in our region.

"'The Blue Whale Challenge' involves the enticement of students into risky behavior that could result in the ultimate challenge of taking one's life. While we do not have any evidence of students participating in this activity, we need to make sure that parents are armed with the information necessary to protect their children. We will do the same in our schools.

"We are checking computers, monitoring student use, and speaking with students to make sure that they are not involved or influenced by these messages.

"Parents can assist in keeping children safe by talking to your children about their online activity, reviewing search history on your child’s computer, and monitoring for signs of depression or withdrawal.

"If you have any additional information about the game or know of any students who may be involved, please contact your child's school counselor or my office so that we may offer help."

According to various reports, the Blue Whale Challenge involves tasks that span over 50 days, culminating in the participant being challenged to commit suicide.

These reports indicate the students have been challenged to sit on the edge of a roof, as well as watching horror movies and waking up at uncommon hours.