Berger-Girvalo qualifies for Citizens’ Election Program

Aimee Berger-Girvalo, the Democratic candidate for state representative of the 111th General Assembly District, has achieved the required number of donors and dollars to participate in the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP).

“CEP is a voluntary public campaign financing program that Aimee has chosen to participate in,” said campaign representative Susan Cocco. “Because she will not be reliant on special interest money, she will be able to campaign honestly and effectively.”

The Citizens’ Election Program is a national landmark in clean elections and campaigns designed to limit the influence of private money in the State of Connecticut’s political process and encourage citizen participation.

Berger-Girvalo raised funds from 192 Ridgefield residents, exceeding the qualification threshold of $5,100 from 150 residents. Once the SEEC certifies and accepts the required number of donors and dollars, she will receive a grant to run her campaign for state representative.

“I truly appreciate the Ridgefield residents who have come out in support of my candidacy,” said Berger-Girvalo. “Whether by contributing to my campaign or offering assistance with phone-banking and door-knocking, their actions underscore the fact that people in the Ridgefield community believe it is time for new leadership and representation in Hartford. I am grateful and encouraged by their energy and enthusiasm.”

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