Battle of Ridgefield: Sights and sounds (SLIDESHOW)

You thought the Battle of Ridgefield was over, didn't you? Not quite yet, our fellow Colonial patriots!

While the energy turns toward's this week's Spring Stroll and Ridgefield Gone Country festival, The Press wanted to take one last look back at last weekend's excitement.

Below are some quotes from those taking part in the battle; above are some picture that capture the spirit of the village. Please enjoy!

"My favorite part of the day was when I didn't want to pass out from the heat. As we advanced, the barricades were good, and I enjoyed that, and the sniper, and the yelling." —Michael Miller, Goshen, CT, Redcoat

"I do it because I love history. I think the town did a fantastic job." —Michael Miller, Goshen, CT, Redcoat

"It's very important to learn history because we can learn from the past so it may not repeat. If we learn about back then, we may not do the same thing now." —Michael Miller, Goshen, CT, Redcoat

"This was a really great battle. The town was fantastic. It was one of the most engaged and enthusiastic. I can't do my job well unless people are interested and asking questions like a lot of people in Ridgefield have. Seeing the public reaction felt very gratifying." —Kristin Lopez, Wolcott, CT, British colonial woman

"I try to honor people who actually lived through this so I can imagine everything. I try to honor the sacrifices made on both sides." —Kristin Lopez, Wolcott, CT, British colonial woman

"I started 14 years ago, when I was 17. I met a boy who was into it, and we had a shared interest in history. We eventually parted ways, but I stayed. The clothes were cool, and I became interested in the material culture of the time; there were so many things I would tell people that they didn't know, and that I didn't know, before I did this." —Kristin Lopez, Wolcott, CT, British colonial woman

"This reenactment was a bigger event than usual. It's terrific because people of all ages enjoy going, participating, and learning. The best way to learn history is to be there." —Phyllis Robertson, Ridgefield, CT, associated with the Keeler Tavern

"The Keeler Tavern's first event involved a lot of reenactments. People came and loved it, and it was something Keeler Tavern said that they should do." —Phyllis Robertson, Ridgefield, CT, associated with the Keeler Tavern [[ck how]]

"My favorite part of the reenactment was the crowd, which came out to support us big time. We do this as a hobby, and it's good." —John McGrane, Wappinger, NY, Patriot

"Everyone here loves it, or else we wouldn't do it. We make the clothes and try to be as accurate as possible. It's more a passion than a hobby." —John McGrane, Wappinger, NY, Patriot

— On the field reporting done by Macklin Reid and Truelian Lee

— Photo credit goes to Macklin Reid, Scott Mullin, Deborah O'Brien, and Steve Coulter