Bailey Avenue parking: Is 15 minutes enough time?

Five proposed streetside parking spots on Bailey Avenue had the Police Commission thinking about time at its most recent meeting — specifically, would 15 minutes be enough for shoppers to get in and out of retail shops and other small businesses or would an hour be more appropriate?

The commission didn’t approve the spaces — or the time limitations — at its June 8 but agreed to revisit the question next month.

Some board members said 15 minutes would be enough for most cars to stop and make a quick purchase — whether it was a retail store like Turkey Ridge or a restaurant like Subway.

Others disagreed, arguing for an hour — if not longer.

The main argument presented for longer times was to give shoppers the incentive to stay downtown without the fear of getting a ticket.

The five spaces would help offset the loss of Main Street parking spots if the town were to go ahead with state plans to improve the downtown area.

The commission is expected to vote on the spaces and the times at its next meeting in July.