Anyone for tea? Cucumber & Chamomile seeks new owner

Meredith Mulhearn doesn't want to sell Cucumber & Chamomile to just anyone.

"The ideal buyer would be someone who's passionate about tea but, most importantly, someone who is passionate about Ridgefield," said Mulhearn Thursday, July 12.

She has had about a half dozen prospective buyers come look at her tea shop, which she wants to sell by Aug. 15 due to health reasons.

"I have so many loyal customers who consider this their home away from home," she said. "I don't want to take it away from them by closing so that's why I'm looking for the right person to pickup where I'm leaving off...

"I'm trying to spread the word to as many people as I can and find a person who has always dreamed of owning a tea shop but just hasn't said it, or even realized it until right now," she said. "That's how we'll keep the doors open."

Mulhearn opened the shop three and a half years ago in April 2015. Since then, she's seen the business steadily grow — adding new customers and new products.

The most popular drink on the menu is the Matcha Misto, she said.

"We have teas from all over the world but we're the only shop in the United States with this brand of Matcha," Mulhearn said. "It's our signature and it comes all the way from Japan...I pay yen for it."

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Mulhearn says the leaves are a great alternative to coffee and helps relieve anxiety — a hallmark of Cucumber & Chamomile.

"When you open a tea shop, you don't think it'll play a big role in other people's lives. You're not thinking, 'What difference can I make?' But this is much more than a tea shop — this is a place where people come in when they're having a bad day and by the time they leave, they're breathing a sigh of relief...they come in here to take of themselves and that needs to continue."

Mulhearn said any prospective buyers should call real estate agent Dee Braaten at 203-240-6120 or email her at

Mulhearn also welcomes anyone to stop by the shop.

"I'm happy to answer questions," she said. "I'm open seven days a week so just come in for a cup of tea."

Cucumber & Chamomile is located at 3 Danbury Road — the original location of the Ridgefield General Store, which was built in the early 1900s.

"There's a good energy here — you can feel it," said Mulhearn. "The space gets better and better with age."

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