Angelos Camillos, 86, Kouros Gallery founder, longtime resident

Angelos Camillos, long time resident of Ridgefield, died on August 2 of bladder cancer. He was 86.

Born in Athens, Greece, he lived an eclectic and varied life including schooling at the Sorbonne, study at Columbia University and the University of Tucson, and 15 years in Brazil where he founded his brokerage firm.  The family moved to Ridgefield in 1977. In 1981, he and his wife opened the Kouros Gallery in Manhattan, which operated until 2013. When it closed in New York, they continued to exhibit art at their Sculpture Center in Ridgefield.

He was a man of singular passions and memorable charm.  Aside from his lifelong interest in food and wine, throughout his life he loved and appreciated art of all disciplines. He cultivated orchids (some 400 at last count) amassed an impressive collection of pipes, and singlehandedly built the many stone walls that surround the gardens and enhance their home.  

He is survived by his wife, Charlotte, his daughter Danae, and his son, Jason, as well as four grandchildren.