ABC affiliate WTNH: ‘We remain committed to serving Fairfield County’

WTNH, an ABC affiliate television station based out of New Haven, isn’t part of Comcast’s channel selection anymore in town — and the station had something to say about it.

It released a statement Tuesday May 23, outlining Comcast’s decision to stop running WTNH in Fairfield County.

“While we are not privy to Comcast’s decision-making process, we believe it is, at least partially, a function of the Nielsen Company’s assignment of Fairfield County to the New York, NY Designated Market Area(DMA),” reads the statement.

“Because Nielsen has assigned Fairfield County to New York, Comcast is obligated to carry WABC-TV and WWOR-TV (MyNetworkTV), while its carriage of WTNH-TV and WCTX-TV is optional.”

The station maintains that Comcast can resume carriage of the channel at any point without need for a new contract.

“Regardless of Comcast’s decision, WTNH-TV and WCTX-TV remain committed to serving our viewers in Fairfield County. If you disagree with Comcast’s decision, we urge you to contact them at 1-800-266-2278,” it says.