Swastika found drawn inside classroom door at Ridgefield High School

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story said the Dec. 5 meeting at the Leir Center would be open to the public. It is for town officials only.

For the second time this school year and the fifth time since Nov. 21, 2016, the town is dealing with a display of "unacceptable incident of prejudice."

A swastika was reportedly found drawn on the inside of a classroom door Ridgefield High School Tuesday, Nov. 21. The school had previously found a swastika etched into a table in September.

"Unfortunately another unacceptable incident of prejudice has occurred on school grounds," said Principal Dr. Stacey Gross in a message to students, parents and faculty.

"A full investigation has just been completed and reported to the Ridgefield Police School Resource Officer," she added.

"As we have previously stated our school stands for respect and inclusion, a place where all are welcome and appreciated. Incidents such as these go against our School Mission Statement and who we are as a community," Dr. Gross said. "We will continue our partnerships with the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center to address these issues."

The principal concluded that students must take ownership in creating a positive RHS culture and community "by speaking up if you become aware of any act that goes against our school values."

"Please stand with us in denouncing this behavior and continuing to build a positive school community," Dr. Gross said.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi spoke about the incident at Tuesday night's Board of Finance meeting, and he will speak to department heads at a meeting at the Lier Center on Tuesday, Dec. 5, that focus on tolerance and anti-defamation.