Storm cleanup day two: Schools closed for second straight day; 14 roads remain inaccessible

Ridgefield Public Schools are closed for Thursday, May 17. The last day of school remains Friday, June 29. Kids will still have off Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day. More on the schools, and their reaction to having the 14 days off this year, will be posted on later today.

Eversource reports that more than 1,500 residents are still without power.

Ridgefield CERT has the following roads still closed as of 9 a.m. Thursday, May 17:

Caudatowa at Rock Rd

Old Sib at Rock

Old Sib at 12th (low wires)

Cherry Lane at Tanton HIll Rd (passable)

Route 116 (North Salem Road) at Barlow Mtn

116 at Sherwood

116 at Tackora

S. Salem Rd at Cedar Ln

New Rd at Fulling Mill (passable, cable/telephone wires down)

Mimosa Circle at North St (passable, wires down)

Stonecrest at Dowling Dr

Birch at Haviland

Ritch at Fillmore

Great Hill at Limestone Extension

Marconi message

The latest from the first selectmen (3 p.m. Wednesday):

Crews are in town continuing efforts to open roads for emergency apparatus.  We are hoping that all roads will be passable by this evening.

If you are currently without power, Eversouce is letting customers know that they should prepare for a multi- day outage.  We are expecting Eversource line and tree crews tomorrow to help with the restoration process.

The following is for your information:

  • The Ridgefield Parks & Recreation facility at 195 Danbury Road is open tonight until 10 PM for showers and charging and will reopen again at 6am.
  • Potable water is available at Parks & Rec.  Hoses are located on the left side as you face the building.  Bring your own containers.
  • Our special needs residents should contact the Fire Department at 203-431-2724 for any needed services.
  • Listen to the usual sources for school delays or closing information.
  • Consider all downed wires live..

For power outages, please call Eversource at 800-286-2000.

For all emergencies, dial 911. For more information, call the Ridgefield Emergency Operations Center at 203-431-2350.

Blocked roads as of 5/16/18 at 3:00 pm: (still receiving updates; this list may not be complete)