Schools eye tuition hike for non-resident students

Ridgefield Public Schools are considering a hike in tuition for students from out-of-town, according to documents from a recent school board meeting.

The new cost to families of out-of-district kids would see tuition increase to $5,077 per year, a jump of just under six percent, or $277 over the current school year.

The tuition is calculated as 30 percent of the total cost the schools spend per-student, minus the costs of special education, free and reduced lunch, and busing.

Under the board’s policies, only the children of town employees, school employees, school bus company employees, and school food service personnel can attend Ridgefield’s schools as non-resident students.

The tuition paid by students families does not include programs beyond general education — students who need additional programs, including special education, will be charged the full cost to the district.

According to the school board, there are currently 14 such students in the district.

The schools also increased tuition for out-of-town students in 2018 and 2017, the Press previously reported, with a $188 price hike last year, and a $55 increase in 2017.