School lunches to go up 20 cents

School lunches for elementary and middle schools in the district are going up a few cents next year.

The Board of Education approved a 15 cent increase — from $2.50 to $2.75 — at the six elementary schools and a 20 cent increase — from $3.05 to $3.25 — at the two middle schools during its meeting on Monday, June 12.

Business Manager Paul Hendrickson said that pricing has to adhere to a USDA established minimum and that the last time prices were adjusted was two years ago, by 10 cents.

“We were supposed to meet $2.78 and we were $2.75 — since we were below the threshold we have to adjust it to next year’s $2.86,” he said.

“So we increase it 20 cents to allow a buffer in case we end up short this coming year.”

He also explained that the increases are not related to Chartwells — the district’s food company.

“We pay them flat fees for their services,” Hendrickson said.

“The profits we get within the districts are used to reinvest in the facilities and equipment.”