Ridgefield High School repairs will cost $30,000

Longer handles on eye-wash stations for wheelchair-bound science students, assisted hearing devices in the high school theater, and a fresh coat of paint denoting spots for the handicapped in the student parking lot.
These were among the noncompliance issues raised in a recent civil rights report on Ridgefield High School by the state’s Department of Education.
Assistant Superintendent Craig Creller said remedying the violations will cost the district around $30,000. 
He characterized the report as a win. 
“This was a victory for us,” Creller told the Board of Education’s budget subcommittee on June 17. “We had zero programmatic or curricular … demerits.”
Among other violations detailed in the report are: a lack of a wheelchair-accessible shower stall in the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, the ramp to the school tennis courts is not accessible, the bathroom door that serves the social studies classes is not usable by students with disabilities, the library’s service counter is not accessible, the cafeteria lacks wheel-chair accessible seating, the walkway to the sports stadium needs slip-resistant accessible routes, and some of the crosswalks need detectable warnings. 
Creller said the school was “dinged” for signage and paint marking spots for the handicapped in the student parking lot. 
“It’s not that we don’t have them, it’s that we need to repaint them,” said Creller.
He said most of the work should be completed by summer 2020. 
In other districts he has worked in, Creller said the cost of fixing issues raised in the civil rights report has run over $1 million. 
“The fact that this wasn’t $1.6 million was a victory for us,” he said.