Power outages, roads to keep Ridgefield schools closed Tuesday, Oct. 31

With little progress being made to restore power in town, the public school district has been left with no choice but to close its nine schools Tuesday, Oct 31.

It will be the second consecutive day off for Ridgefield students.

The district's central offices, located on Prospect Street, will be opened.

Eversource reports that 805 customers in Ridgefield are still without power.

The Press reported last night that several areas in town, including Shadow Lane, were completely blocked off due to fallen debris and residents couldn't leave their homes.

"About 10 households can’t get out of the street," said Shadow Lane resident Charles Valenzuela. 

Dick Aarons, the town's emergency management director, said Monday night that only one Eversource truck was in town.

"The rest are assigned to the eastern part of the state," Aarons said. "Some may even be working in hurricane damaged areas."

He added that all public schools had power but that school could be cancelled again due to impassable roads.

"Eversource tells us that Ridgefielders without power at 5 p.m. should not expect restoration until sometime tomorrow," Aarons said Monday night.