Global I history: Students continue to protest graduation requirement change

Ridgefield High School students once again protested changes to the high school graduation requirements at the March 11 Board of Education meeting.
Two freshmen, Anshuman Suryawanshi and Hersha Chauhan, said they opposed changing Global I history from a year-long history course to a semester-long elective.
“I’m committed to ensuring that global history, as it stands in the curriculum, remains in RHS,” said Suryawanshi, the freshman class president. He first spoke against the change at the board’s Jan. 14 meeting, and the topic has generated several student-written letters to the editor since that initial protest.
Global I is not currently a required course, but freshmen typically take the year-long course to help fill the 3.5 social studies credits they are required to take to graduate.
Under the new graduation requirements, which go into effect with next year’s ninth grade class, students have to complete only 2.5 social studies credits — a move that’s intended to give freshmen more choices when it comes time to select courses. Global I will be provided as a half-year elective, titled Foundations of the Modern World.
Chauhan asked the board to keep Global I as a full-year course.
“Global I is an incredibly important class that will not only be important for the rest of high school, but the rest of our lives,” she said.