Education board discusses new mission statement

The words “global citizen” prompted some discussion at the Board of Education meeting Monday May 8, during a first read of the district’s revised mission statement.

Chairwoman Fran Walton said that the committee of parents, teachers, and board members responsible for the draft were very supportive of the phrase, but other members disagreed.

“I still don’t believe our mission statement should have any sort of jargon that could be misconstrued,” said board member Sharon D’Orso.

“The thousands of people that read this statement could generate different ideas from ‘global citizen.’”

The statement read as follows:

“The Ridgefield Public Schools provides engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences so all students can pursue their interests and prepare for life, learning, and work as global citizens.”

The board discussed the possibility of removing the phrase altogether, with some members saying that it didn’t change the overall meaning and didn’t add anything significant.

Kimberly Beck disagreed.

“There was great attachment to being a global citizen with the economy and the world in which we live in, and the implications of not being prepared,” she said.

The mission statement will be reviewed again at the next meeting, May 22.