Donations needed for RHS grad party

Graduation season is coming to town and with it, the annual party for graduating Ridgefield High School seniors.

The Class of 2017 will have the opportunity to experience a night of fun that features obstacle courses and chances to win electronic gadgets for college.

The theme, as well as the rest of the games and prizes, remain a secret.

But co-chair Steve Scott says this year will not disappoint.

“We have some really, really amazing college-appropriate gifts,” he said. “Things they could use in their dorm room — some really awesome things from electronics to appliances.”

As far as fund-raising for the event, Pepsi will be donating all the drinks, and other local businesses have contributed — but Scott says organizers are a bit short of their goal.

“This year we’re a little bit light going into the last month — further donations would be gladly welcomed,” he said.

Scott, who has been a co-chair for the last five years, said that the event is important for the whole community.

“Initially, it came into existence because there was a death on graduation night,” he said.

“This is a very important event to keep the kids safe — it’s alcohol free and everyone can rest assured that they’re [RHS grads] are safe and sound.”

Scott also said that every year the rec center is completely transformed — and this one will be no different.

“The kids — they can completely unwind and have fun with their high school friends,” he said, “some of them for the last time before they head off to college — it’s just a great evening.”

The party is usually attended by 90% of the student body, and many have already RSVP’d.

“It’s just a spectacular evening — it’s really amazing to see these kids going into graduation,” Scott said.

“They show up to this graduation party as the young adults that they are now.”

The party is scheduled for Friday, June 23, from 10 p.m. to Saturday, June 24, at 3:30 a.m at the rec center.